Ideal for those who practise sport, the water of Fonte Cottorella hydrates and neutralises lactic acid.

With its mix of mineral salts (Bicarbonate 317.3 mg/l, Calcium 99.35 mg/l, Magnesium 4.38 mg/l, Potassium 0.50 mg/l) it guarantees the right hydration and neutralises the waste from metabolism (lactic acid). The slightly alkaline pH value of Fonte Cottorella water, being very similar to that of blood, allows immediate absorption of the mix of mineral salts thus speeding up the beneficial effects of the water

Characteristic elements in mg Bicarbonate 320,0 – Calcium 100,2 – Chloride 10,61 – Silica 8,52

Sulphates 6,35 – Sodio 6,17 – Magnesio 4,40 Potassio 0,40 – Nitrati 1,80 – Fluoruri 0,07.
Physical-chemical characteristics, temperature at the spring 10°C
Specific electrical conductivity at 20°C μS/cm 486,0 – pH at source 7,29 – Fixed residue 180°C mg/l 296,4
Gas dissolved in a litre of

Carbon Dioxide taken from the spring mg 26.47

mg 26,47.

The University of Camerino
Science and Technology School, Chemistry department
Chemical and physical-chemical analysis from 23/09/2021

Pallet technical information

Unit per package

12 pcs
24 pcs

Packing weight

6 Kg
12 Kg

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Packages per pallet

126 packs
63 packs

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Bottles per pallet


Gross weight of pallets

776 Kg

Height pallet

160 cm

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