Three generations of entrepreneurs who have been engaged in the pristine nature of Sabina, along a stretch of the Cammino di San Francesco, promoting and valuing the virtues of a water that is one of a kind.

Antiche Fonti di Cottorella SpA:
100% Italian run business

The local staff, manufacturing activity and the attention to the environment come together to create a clean, healthy and excellent product. What happens before the bottle and what happens inside, reflect a company philosophy oriented towards respecting the water and its properties.
The target market is that of Central Italy from whom the business always guarantees, thanks to on-site storage and local shippers, product integrity and quality.
Rooted in the Santa Reatina Valley, Antiche Fonti di Cottorella SpA is committed to enhancing the area, promoting food and wine and sport through activities and initiatives which it supports and actively participates in.

Square metres

Is the area that hosts the factory, the offices and multifunctional spaces intended for cultural activities, the promotion of the territory and services related to water. Close to the slopes of Monte Belvedere.

Bottles per hour

Each bottle is made on-site, blowing and bottling take place in a “clean area” in aseptic conditions. To guarantee total sterility, we bottle in PET, a material totally recyclable and absolutely safe.

Watt per hour

Clean energy used in the factory, the environmental impact of our processes has been reduced to a minimum, in line with the company philosophy that pays close attention to the protection of the environment.

The factory

2500 square metres of cultural excitement close to the hills of Monte Belvedere where the precious Cottorella springs are found

Natural passion

Chosen by many companies for their athletes in the world of sport, it has always paid great attention to sports culture.
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Gourmet water

Cotterella water is enjoyed during the prestigious “Gastronomic Olympics” which features the chefs of the most exclusive sports clubs in Rome.
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A source of culture

Antiche Fonti di Cottorella SpA has always been engaged in the enhancement and promotion of the region of Rieti, with which it shares a deep bond.
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