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What does it contain?*


pH Alkaline

The alkaline pH of our water facilitates the correct chemical balance of the organism.


< 0,0001 mg/l

Classified by the International Cancer Research Agency as a “certain class 1 carcinogen”.


6,105 mg/l

A value below 20 mg / l is ideal for low sodium diets and against hypertension and water retention.

* dati relativi alla versione “naturale”

Fixed residue

296,4 mg/l

The National Order of Biologists has declared a fixed residue between 200 and 300 mg / l to be optimal.


0,733 mg/l

The presence of nitrates in the water indicates the pollution of the aquifers by fertilizers and nitrogen compounds.


0,0733 mg/l

Our water is ideal for consumption by babies and pregnant women.

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We deliver our water across the whole of Italy via courier. Alternatively, you can find it in a large number of shops in Central Italy.

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