A pure and light water providing well-being for the whole family, rich in properties and without contraindications. Suitable for any age group, the still water is particularly suitable for the addition to and preparation of infant formula or baby food and for consumption during early infancy. With its balanced content of mineral salts, it is suitable for daily consumption by any age group, from early infancy to the later years. It was decreed suitable for hydroponic treatments by the High Institute of Health.

Characteristic elements in mg/l Bicarbonate 320,0 – Calcium 100,2 – Chloride 10,61 – Silica 8,52 – Sulphates 6,35 – Sodium 6,17 – Magnesium 4,40 – Potassium 0,40 – Nitrates 1,80 – Fluoride 0,07.
Physical-chemical characteristics temperature at the spring 10°C
Specific electrical conductivity at 20 ° C μS/cm 486.0 – pH at source 7.29 – Fixed residue at 180 ° C mg/l 296.4
Gas dissolved in a litre Carbon Dioxide taken from the spring mg 26.47.

With added Carbon Dioxide

The University of Camerino
Science and Technology School, Chemistry department.
Chemical and physical-chemical analysis from 23/09/2021

Pallet technical information

Unit per package

6 pcs

Packing weight

9 Kg

Dimensions (LxHxP) in cm


Packages per pallet

84 pack.

Packages per layer


Layers per pallet


Bottles per pallet


Gross weight of pallets

776 Kg

Height pallet

156 cm

Pallet type